“Courts were not designed for families. That process leaves couples powerless and at the mercy of strangers.”
-Armand & Robbin D'Alo
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Crossroads of Marriage & Divorce:
Choosing a Path Forward


What This Class Is All About

How can you reduce or avoid painful fighting? As you work through the emotional hurt to find a path forward, what are the better options – for both of you?

This class can help you choose that path forward — to divorce or to work out a future together. This is not therapy or a “how-to” for fixing problems in your marriage. Resources are provided for you to find that kind of help. The class is about providing you with as much information as possible about the realities and process of divorce so you can make the best decision possible for your situation.

Class starts at 9:00am and runs to 1:00pm pacific time.

Course materials you will receive include:

  • Listing of items that can go into a Marital Settlement Agreement (MSA)
  • Outline of what can go into a parenting agreement
  • Financial data gathering forms
  • Specialized budgeting materials
  • Divorce checklists …and more…

These materials alone could save you thousands in legal fees.

This class does not lean toward divorce and it does not discourage divorce. It looks at the facts and the science of divorce. A few resources that will help you in this class can be purchased on line.

(We do not participate in any profits or proceeds from these links. These are resources that, from our experience, will help you as you work through the decisions surrounding separation.)

Class Overview: The Topics We Will Cover

Part 1: Studies of divorced coupled found that over 50% end up with regrets. “If I had only…” is too common a phrase. Of those regrets many focused on doubts about the effort put into their relationship. Couples also wondered how this marriage will affect their future relationships. We address these doubts with research and respond to the main concerns.

• Can unhappy marriages become happy again?
• How common is divorce and what are the reasons?
• Does divorce help adults to become happier?
• What are the possible consequences of divorce for adults?
• What are the possible consequences of divorce for children?

Part 2: If divorce is the choice, what are the alternatives and what does life really look like on the other side of divorce? Those are common questions of couples considering divorce. Sadly, when couples enter this process uniformed, they are at the whims of a system that was never designed to help couples and families. The courts are not there to help couples change their relationship structure. Part 2 avoids the generalities and addresses this in specific and actionable terms by answering these main concerns:

• What are the financial consequences of divorce?
• How do you avoid “accidentally” ending up in court and litigation?
• What are the legal options for divorce?
• What should you expect in this process?
• What goes into creating a settlement agreement?
• What needs to be considered for those with children?