"To understand your path, you need to know where you want to end up."
-Armand & Robbin D'Alo
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Crossroads of Marriage & Divorce: Choosing a Path Forward



  • Does your relationship feel distant, broken or uncomfortable?
  • Are you considering divorce and is it an option for you?
  • Have you or your partner already filed?
  • This class explores many paths forward. We know how sensitive and difficult divorce can be. Circumstances are different for everyone. Divorce is just one option that people consider to restore health and happiness to their lives. It is one method of dealing with marital struggles and trials.

    There are valid reasons for a divorce. At the same time one person wants to keep working to save the marriage…but their partner does not. The law allows one side to end a marriage without the consent of his or her spouse. In this class, we are sensitive to these different situations.

    We do not make judgments about what individuals should or should not do in difficult, personal circumstances. We look at scientific research on marriage and divorce. We look at how the divorce process works and its impact on finances, children, adults, and the communities they live in.

    Research suggests that some individuals at the crossroads of divorce may be able to repair their marriages. Through research, skills are identified that could form and sustain a healthy and happy marriage. There are good resources available to help those who want to work to keep trying to improve their relationship or to avoid negative outcomes in a future relationship.

    And if you decide to divorce, there are legal options to consider that may be better for you and your family, if children are involved. This class gives you solid information and actionable material that can help you save hundreds or even thousands of dollars in attorney and court costs. It is designed to help you make the better choice in your individual circumstance.